Sunday, January 16, 2011

Need I say more?

Our first day with Hiyab was nothing short of amazing. I cannot wait to share the pictures of her face when she first saw us. She recognized us from the book we sent and came running, grabbed us and said "Mommeeee, Daaaaddddeeee"! I cannot tell you how that feels! My heart is so full and moved with this experience. I have so much to share with everyone. We spent the remainder of our day taking pictures, well actually SHE took pictures and we followed. We played games on the iPhone - she loves technology. Then there was time drawing, writing, giggling, hugging and just getting to know each other. She is VERY bright! And I'm not saying that because I'm her mother, but the workers at Hannah's House shared this with me! She can read and write ANYTHING in English. She doesn't always understand, but she can read. She actually gave us a test today. You will be happy to know that when she graded it we got everything correct and she gave us a star and marked (and spelled by herself) EXCELLENT!!! She is sassy!!!! She is generous, loving and a little shy. She watches everything around her and takes it in. She is a total perfectionist!! Everything has to be just so-so. She is so beautiful and when she smiles her entire face smiles! One last story before I go... She had a piece of paper and began to write to show us her English skills. She wrote - Mammy and Daddy I love you, brothers I love you -

Are there difficulties in adoption - yes
Will you face some trails - yes
Are there struggles on the family - yes
Is it costly - yes
Do you get exhausted - yes

Mammy and Daddy I love you, brothers I love you - well, nothing else matters! Oh, friends if you haven't considered adoption will you? Good night from this side of the world. More to share tomorrow.



  2. She sounds incredible! So happy for you!!!

  3. So happy for you guys...glad it went good!

  4. Your picture captured the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed. Many happy tears!! It was so fun meeting you all. Praying we'll see you again very soon!!!